Vico San Geronimo, 1 (Via Mezzocannone) 80134 – Napoli

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Open every day 1:00 pm – 2:00 am (Upon request )

Price: 2 Players = 40€ / 3-8 Players = 15€ per person

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We’re in the city center, few meters away from Università (Metro line 1) and Napoli turistic port.

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And for all of you a wonderful journey through time! 


 Iraq, 1939: Dr. Jones, a renowned archaeologist, has requested the intervention of anyone willing to help with the most desperate of his missions, that is retrieving the ”Idol of Time “, the legendary object allowing you to become as powerful as God!  And, of course, because of its immense power all  major world powers of the time are tempted by owning it, not least Nazi Germany, always ready to send her followers to investigate and plunder everything in the world having to do with esoteric references.

A race against time, then.  And against fierce and unscrupulous opponents. 

Everything happens in an inaccessible and hostile place, where the traps do not let you distinguish the good from the bad, and everything rests in the mystery of ancient cuneiform writings, that only the most capable will finally be able to decode.


Here you go the games room, the one where Alan Mayer, eccentric magnate of amusement parks, decided to welcome all those who will accept his attractive proposal, wonderfully spiced with a five zeros figure, about testing the new attraction of his parks, which will take everyone by surprise and will become popular both in the States and in Europe, and eventually get the reward. 

What is the attraction about?  What a question!  Nobody knows, of course!  It’s part of the surprise … or maybe it’s a successful marketing which makes it spark long before the launch of the product itself!  What is certain is that the fierce testers, happy to add fun to the attractive loot, will just have to open a door, enter and play. 

 What could be better?  What simpler and more exciting than this beautiful “Toys land”, the wonderful and legendary “Pleasure island”?