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FINAL ACT (Piazza Francese 1-2-3 Napoli)

You are investigating on an aggression with a suppose kidnapping. Once in to the flat, you will see the signs of a fight. The mobile phone of the victim is on and according to the GPS signal you will get the position with good approximation.
So you arrive to a wild wood outside the city. While other squads are searching into the area you walk on a dark way with a few police agents following the GPS signal and quickly the tragedy acts. The agents are fired to death by automatic and silenced weapons. An armed man with a gun force you to surrend. The aggressors blind you and make you walk along a strainght way confusing you. Then you will be carried on a van. After an hour of travel they make you get down to a stinking of corpses and abandoned place.

A kind and unknown man voice breaks the silence. “Welcome my friends. Every body call me “The Mosaic” and today we’ll have the amazing pleasure of play together. Come on, we’ll have so much fun!”

The precision of the operation lets you think that was all well studied and, all of the path that you were track was well orchestrated to bring you to the crazy Mosaico’s game. Useless and sadly unknown to be only puppets in the hands of a fool, you go blindly, through the stinky rooms of a malicius and obscure place, when a sudden sound of a door closing behind you wakes you up by these dark reflections, to put you clearly in an open eyes nightmare.

A sharp voice voice, well known, said to you with a childish excitement from behind the door:” The game begin!”

THE IDOL OF TIME  (Vico San Geronimo 1 Napoli)

And for all of you a wonderful journey through time! 


 Iraq, 1939: Dr. Jones, a renowned archaeologist, has requested the intervention of anyone willing to help with the most desperate of his missions, that is retrieving the ”Idol of Time “, the legendary object allowing you to become as powerful as God!  And, of course, because of its immense power all  major world powers of the time are tempted by owning it, not least Nazi Germany, always ready to send her followers to investigate and plunder everything in the world having to do with esoteric references.

A race against time, then.  And against fierce and unscrupulous opponents. 

Everything happens in an inaccessible and hostile place, where the traps do not let you distinguish the good from the bad, and everything rests in the mystery of ancient cuneiform writings, that only the most capable will finally be able to decode.